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Stephanie Harvey

RIT 2.0 - Connecting Comprehension with Inquiry & Technology

 Stephanie Harvey's Handouts, June 2014


Comprehension at the Core by Stephanie Harvey and Anne Goudvis

 Anne & Steph's most recent thinking on how comprehension still lays a foundation for all thinking and learning. From The Reading Teacher, April 2013.

Multiple Genres for Informational Text

The Common Core Standards expect students to read and understand a wide range of informational text types. Some of those are featured here.

Multiple Genres for Informational Text.pdf

Teaching for Historical Literacy, from Educational Leadership, March 2012

The latest post is from Ed Leadership, March 2012. Anne Goudvis and I contributed this article entitled, Teaching for Historical Literacy. It describes a number of essential literacy practices for teaching history with comprehension at the core. Enjoy!

Six Reading Habits to Develop in Your First Year at Harvard

I have posted this document on critical reading that Harvard sends to incoming freshman. It has been recently updated at the Harvard site so I have added the link here. Many of you have seen me share it in workshops and we have included it in some of our publications, so I am now making it available here. Enjoy!